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Neola's mustang, Jim's econoline & Dave's Conv

Neola’s mustang, Jim’s econoline & Jerry’s healey at OCIty 2013

Member cars celebrating 50 years at Gresham Ford

Celebrating 50 years at Gresham Ford


Fred's Mustang

Fred’s Mustang

Members at 2016 cruise-in

Members at 2016 cruise-in

Richard B and two of his three cars

Richard B and two of his three cars

Dale cougar

Dale’s Cougar Wagon

Barbara's Calif Special

Barbara’s Calif Special

Mitch's Mustang

Mitch’s Mustang

Mitch's 65 Mustang

Mitch’s 65 Mustang

Mitch's 58 Woodill Wildfire

Mitch’s 58 Woodill Wildfire

Mitch's 39 Ford

Mitch’s 39 Ford

Historics 2011 041

Ryan’s Falcon

Randy & Kiyoko's '69 Mach One

Randy & Kiyoko’s ’69 Mach One

Frank & Deb's mustang

Frank & Deb’s Mustang

Dale's Ranchero

Dale’s Ranchero

Vince's Sweet Ride

Vince’s Sweet Ride

Lyle, Ron & Jerry The Drag Racers

Lyle, Ron & Jerry The Drag Racers

Vince & Carrie's New Toy

Vince & Carrie’s New Toy

Barbara’s Daily Driver

Ryan,  Randy,Gary's 2 Mustangs & Jerry's Toy

Ryan, Randy, Gary’s 2 mustangs & Jerry’s Toy

Rick & Wanda's mustang

Rick & Wanda’s mustang

California Spec #2

California Spec #2

5 California Specials

5 California Specials

Ray & Ann’s 1967 Orange Baby

Chris’s California Special

Chris’s California Special

Ed & Tracy’s 2007 GT500

How we Ford People Feel!

How we Ford People Feel!

Jim’s Econoline

Matt & Val’s Focus

Ray & Ann's Purple Dream

Ray & Ann’s Purple Dream

Jim & Ahtia's Car

Jim & Ahtia’s Car

Austin Healey

Jerry & Lisa’s Healey Ford powered

Fred #1

Fred’s baby

Rick & Wanda's Mustangs

Rick & Wanda’s Mustangs

Rick's mustang

Rick’s mustang


Don’s fairlane

bob #1

Bob’s mustang

don #3

Don’s engine

don #2

Don’s Fairlane 500

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